Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are we affiliated in any way with Rick & Morty?

No. We’re just huge fans.

Then what is Schwifty LLC?

Schwifty is a team of professional ethical hackers (practitioners), cyber security auditors, and consultants. We are advocates for organization’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance teams. our primary focuses are NIST 800 series, NIST Cyber Security Framework, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX Standards. These are not the only Standards we are proficient in. Contact us today with your questions and see how we can help you with your Standards.

So, are you auditors?

Yes and No. We’re trained in control mapping policies to Standards but we’re not in the business of coming into your organization, giving your team a pop quiz, and an expensive report on deficiencies… like the unmentioned big name auditors. We are your GRC team’s advocate. Everyone at Schwifty has spent years managing IT Security, preventing organization’s sensitive data from leaking, protecting hundreds of millions of dollars (per year) in credit card transactions, and keeping personal identifiable information (PII) personal. I’ve personally been that man standing in front of the board room asking leadership for a quarter million dollars to kickstart a compliance campaign. Schwifty understands the challenges your team faces. We want to help your team accomplish your goals, mature your processes, and have a little fun doing it.

How is Schwifty going to get leadership on board with our teams needs?

There’s a little saying around Schwifty “PoC || GTFO”. It’s a great book too! Schwifty has a Red Team who can help put a little proof in your leadership’s pudding. We also have consultants who can help determine the strengths and weaknesses in your program and clearly organize the material so stakeholders understand the risk to the organization and their role in helping your team succeed.

Check back soon. There’s more to come.